Bathroom Cleaner Fresh Rain Scent 715 ml


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Bathroom Cleaner

Extremely efficient for all surfaces, be it bath, shower, sink or bowl, Biovert Bathroom Cleaner is the tool you need to make your bathroom shine. This probiotic bathroom cleaner is eco-friendly and contains natural microorganisms that deeply clean and prevent the spread of bad bacteria, while maintaining a safe environment. They feed on dirt, protect the surface from harmful bacteria and do not cause unpleasant odours or allergies.


Eau, acide citrique grade alimentaire, acide lactique, alkyl polyglucosides dérivés de maïs, alcool linéaire éthoxylé, dérivés de la noix de coco, gomme végétale, benzoate de sodium comme agent de conservation, fragrance à base d’huile essentielle, probiotique : micro-organismes naturels.


Spray on and let the liquid slide on the surface to be cleaned. Let it stand for a few minutes. Brush if necessary and rinse.

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