Aspire Eyeshadow


$11.00 $11.95

Hazel Eyes

Smokey Eye Palette: Aspire/ Mystical/ Sing


Aspire Eyeshadow is Bluish Purple in color

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Bellaphoria's Pure Mineral Eye Shadows:

  • Can be layered to achieve subtle to more dramatic effects
  • Are rich in texture and are infused with full spectrum multi-tonal color
  • Outlasts and outperforms traditional cosmetics
  • Are free from chemicals and are 100% natural



Mica:excellent for sensitive skin, help calm already irritated skin,  help support healthier- looking skin, 

Titanium Dioxide: reflects ultraviolet (UV) light

Magnesium Myristate: natural fatty acid, natural water repellent 

Iron Oxides:used in the coloring of cosmetics, considered to be non irritating and safe for people with sensitive skin

Ferric Ferrocyanide: Provides a blue pigment


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