Eye Makeup Remover

Pure & Simple Organics

SKU: SKU 000001

Made with Fractionated Coconut Oil, Organic Grapeseed Oil, Witch Hazel and Lavender Oil, the makeup remover will safely remove your eye makeup without the chemicals most other brands have.

I have had many people test this product before bringing it to the market. It was a complete hit, and even for WATERPROOF makeup!

Fractionated Coconut Oil: Provides deep and REAL moisture. Helps strengthen underlying tissue

and remove excessive dead cells on the skins surface. Contains anti-oxidants (ferulic acid and p-coumaric acid). Excellent for skin tissue issues such as eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis because of its’ anti-microbial properties. A natural SPF 3-4.

Organic Grapeseed Oil: Skin tightening; it has astringent-like properties, thus stimulating the tissue to contract and draw together. Reduces Swelling.

Witch Hazel: Reduces eye puffiness. A gentle astringent, which treats acne, reduces inflammation, reduces redness, reduces pore size, and removes excess oil. Helps treat eczema and psoriasis.

Lavender Oil: Relieves tension, stress and inflammation, all of which are responsible for causing skin aging. It is also known to aide in hair growth, thus helping your eyelashes.


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