Black River Organic Concord Grape 1L

Black River

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Black River

Organic Concord Grape Juice 

Did you know that farmers in Ontario are no longer growing concord grapes? It's true! While we do produce many varieties of grapes here in Ontario, concord is not one of them; so we go to our southern neighbour to find these delicious and very healthy little gems. Our pure, pressed organic concord grape juice comes from Washington State, USA. Some sediment is normal, so give it a good shake and enjoy!

INGREDIENTS: pressed organic concord grapes, vitamin C.

NUTRITIONAL FACTS: 1 cup 250 ml, calories 170, sodium 25 mg, carbohydrate 40 g, sugars 39 g, vitamin C 100%, calcium 2%, iron 2%

*Have you seen any little specs in your grape juice that look like tiny crystals, or metal flakes? If so, don’t be alarmed!
Tartaric acid is one of the main acids in grapes and it is present (typically in liquid form) in all grape juice (and wine!). It commonly crystallizes, and when it does, it tends to look like shiny metal flakes. So, if you happen to see any of these crystals, please don’t worry; tartaric acid is naturally occurring and even in crystal form, will not hurt you.


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