Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP 500 ml


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Organic Extra virgin olive oil DOP

 500 ml

Bioitalia selects the best olives from the Salerno hills, a hilly area south of Campania, for the production of this special oil.

Please note the smoke point of Olive oil is 350 degrees, so you should never cook at a higher temperature if you want to benefit all the wonderful nutrients from the oil.

Cultivars: Frantoiano, Rotondella, Carpellese
Picking system: by hand, by the so-called grazing
Extraction system: cold extracted with granite millstones 
Colour: yellow with green reflections
Scent: slightly fruited 
Taste: fruited, slightly bitter
Appearance: limpid or slightly veiled 
Sedimentation: natural, peculiar to the oil


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