Black River Organic Pure Cranberry 1L

Black River

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Black River Juices 

Organic Pure Cranberry Juice

The cranberry is a powerhouse in the fruit world. Extremely low in sugar and rich in antioxidants, this very healthy berry is known to provide relief from and prevent urinary tract infections, is a strong anti-bacterial and can improve digestive health. Made from organic cranberries grown in Quebec, there is absolutely nothing added. Pure cranberry juice is not for the faint of heart! It is extremely tart, so many of our customers prefer to dilute it. Some sediment is normal, it's just the natural fibre of the fruit. Shake well and enjoy the benefits of this amazing super fruit! Local fruit grown in Quebec

INGREDIENTS: pure pressed organic cranberry juice.

NUTRITIONAL FACTS: 1 cup, calories 50, carbohydrate 13g, fibre 1g, sugars 10g,   vitamin C 4%, calcium 2%, iron 6 %


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