Black River Organic Sweet Apple Cider 1L

Black River

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Organic Sweet Apple Cider

Our Organic Sweet Apple Cider is made from pure pressed organic apples, with a touch of vitamin C to prevent browning. This juice is in a glass bottle. It has a sweet and slightly tangy taste and is made up of a blend of organic apple varieties native to Quebec. We are often asked why our Organic Sweet Apple Cider is darker in colour than our non-organic Sweet Apple Cider, the answer is simply that we are using a different variety of late harvest apples. Sediment is normal, it's just the natural fibre from the fruit. At Black River Juice, we use a hydraulic press (Good Nature SX-280 Industrial Juice and Cider Press) to cold press the fruit. It looks like two accordions side by side that slowly squeeze the fruit, which maximizes the juice output.

We get lots of questions about why our apple juice is called apple cider when all it is is pressed apples (there are no spices added to this juice); the simple answer is, it has to do with CFIA regulations around the definition of apple juice. It's pretty complicated, so we're going to leave it at that, but if you have more questions you are welcome to check out the CFIA website.

INGREDIENTS: pure pressed organic apples, vitamin C.

NUTRITIONAL FACTS: 1 cup, calories 130, carbohydrate 33 g, sodium 10 mg, potassium 210 mg sugars 30 g, vitamin C 100% 

Local Fruit Origin: Quebec

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